February Garden

This is a good time to apply organic-based fertilizers and check that plant supports are sound before they are concealed by the new season`s growth.
Continue planting trees, shrubs,fruit trees and bushes as the weather allows; firm any newly planted trees and shrubs lifted by frost. Repot or top-dress shrubs in containers.
Prune winter flowering shrubs- including winter heathers- when the flowers have faded,and summer-flowering shrubs that flower on new wood. Hardy evergreen and climbers, such as jasmine and late-flowering clematis,may also be pruned now.
Remove the old stems of herbaceos perennials into growth under cover.Divide and replant snowdrops,start dahlia tubers into growth and bring in the last of the spring bulbs being forced.
Prepare sheedbeds for vegetables, lime vegetables plots if necessary, and feed and mulch fruit trees.
Last chance cut back overgrown shrubs and hedges before the nesting season starts, and finish pruning fruit.
Get ahead prune roses in southern region. If you`re planning a new lawn, prepare the ground in readiness for spring. Sow annuals under cover.


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